November 29, 2017


A Sponsor's Point of View

Here is a post from our guest blogger, Eva Quaranta who has been sponsoring three children through our program since 2010.

For the past seven years, I have had the unique opportunity to sponsor children from the Acholi Quarter so they can attend school. This opportunity was made possible through Project Have Hope.

Along with sponsoring children for school came the chance to get to know them and their families. I love the photographs and drawings I receive from the children, but I especially love the letters! From those letters I learn not only about their school, but about their families, recreational activities and, most of all, how much it means to these children to be able to attend school. They find themselves in a safe environment, away from working in the stone quarry.

They love their schools, but they really love the activities in which they are engaged. They are playing team sports and learning to work with other children. They are learning that reading is fun!

Their grades in some cases are only fair, but that is only part of their school adventure. In most cases, these children are the first in their families to attend school. Their parents, who understand the importance of education, have little or none themselves. They encourage their children academically but realistically  can give them little, if any help, with their studies.

They might not all be academic scholars, but I believe that these children will have a better life because they have had the opportunity to go to school and learned at the very least the fundamentals of reading, writing and math.

I am grateful to PHH that I have had this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children.

Karen Sparacio
Karen Sparacio


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