December 12, 2017


Meet Joel

Kankanyero’s story is proof that we need to reach out to Ugandan kids and help them, not only because they need the educational support, but also because they are the future of Uganda and will spread the hope for the rest of the country.

Kankanyero is one of the Ugandan kids who Project Have Hope has helped. He is from the North of Uganda. Before Project Have Hope reached out to him, he could barely survive at home, since his parents needed to work and there were other distractions. Project Have Hope changed his life. At the age of nine, he started to study in a boarding school and has made good use of his education. He said in an interview, “there is always enough time for you to read books at school. You are always free form family problems.” This opportunity gave him a new perspective on life. He can “access different people from different backgrounds like from the north meeting people from the East, West and South.” Education has had a huge impact on him. His focus now is not only himself, but also on what he can do to contribute to his country.

Kankanyero is grateful to PHH, and he tries his best to excel at school. His actions prove that educational support can work well to help African countries that suffer from poverty and war to rebuild their society. At school, Kankanyero tries to make best use of every minute of his time reading and doing homework. In addition, he sets a high standard for himself and is learning to be independent and responsible. He makes his own schedule and sticks to it strictly. As a result, he did very well in his exams in 2011. He is determined to have a career in Medical service, as he “wants to help people who are poor and can not afford health care.”



Maggie King
Maggie King


Maggie is a summer intern with Project Have Hope. She is currently studying Political Science and International Affairs at Northeastern University. In the past, she studied Law and Public Affairs at Lasell College and International Politics at Corvinus University of Budapest. Her passion for Project Have Hope is fueled by the service work she has done in Tanzania, as well as her desire to make the world a better place.

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