Women Sponsorship | Abalo Florence

Abalo Florence


Having completed Senior One, Abalo Florence speaks good English. She is 41, never married, but she hopes “God will give me a good man.”

No longer with the father, she is proud of her 22 year old son, Odokonyero Frances, who is studying travel and tourism.


Her sister, whose husband abandoned the family, has three children. Florence provides for two of them. In 2008, Project Have Hope paid the fees so Florence could attend vocational training for tailoring.

Upon graduation, PHH gave her a loan to purchase a sewing machine and materials to start her own business. She tried expanding her business in 2014 by renting a shop in the bustling Nakawa market and hiring an employee to help.  However, rent became prohibitively expensive and the location in the upper level of the building was poor, so she returned to working from the front of her home. She hopes to have enough business to expand again soon.