Ajok Winnie

I am 16 years old and the youngest of my eight siblings. I enjoy school very much and love how the environment at the school helps me to learn a lot. The library is well stocked so there’s always something new for me to read. Math is my favorite subject, but I do well in all of my classes. I do not accept being lower than the top 5 in my class. For electives, I have chosen French and accounting.

By going to school, I feel useful in the community.  I help younger children write letters to their sponsors. Going to school helps to transform me from being bright into brighter and then into the brightest!  The motto of my headmaster is “Let education not make you rich, but rather useful.” I abide whole-heartedly by that.

Co-sponsor Winnie's tuition at Bishop Cypriano Secondary School for $240 per year, just $20 per month.