Akweya Kalvin

My name is Akweya Kalvin. I am 13 years old and have six siblings. I live with my mother and grandmother who struggle to care for all of us.  I help her with cleaning the house and washing dishes.  But when I have time, I like to play football with my friends.  My favorite subject in school is English because you learn it through practice and it's the official language nationwide.  If I want to be successful, then I must speak English well.  I am happy to be going to boarding school because then I will not have to walk to school in the rain and I will be fed three meals a day.  When I am home, I usually only eat once and there is never enough for all of us to be full.

My family lives in the village where life is hard.  They get up very early and work all day farming. I hope to do well in school so that I can be a businessman.  I want to create my own job so I am not dependent on other people.

Co-sponsor Kalvin's tuition for $240 per year, just $20 per month. Or, as a full sponsor, $600 per year will cover Kalvin's tuition at St. John Bosco's Primary School.