Women Sponsorship | Amal Margaret

The eldest child, Margaret did not attend school.  Her parents had a contemptuous relationship and, feeling threatened, her mother fled the marriage.  At a young age, Margaret bore the responsibility of caring for her disabled father and her two younger siblings.  She’d work in the stone quarry to earn money for rent and food.  She relied on her two hands and the generosity of neighbors to survive.

At 15, she married and they have five children.  He works in construction to contribute to the family’s needs.  Margaret has a small storefront in front of her home where she sells dried silver fish and vegetables. 

When Covid hit and businesses shutdown, leaving men at home with now work to do, she started another business selling alcohol and found eager customers.  She travels to Jinja, a city about an hour and a half bus ride from Kampala and purchases two types of local alcohol, kiralira and kasese.  The alcohol can’t be found in Kampala, so she is able to earn steady money by having a specialty item to sell.  Unsurprisingly, the business has continued to do well.

With more capital, she’d expand both businesses by purchasing products in bulk to save money on transport.

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