Atoo Topista

I am 16 years old.  The name “Atoo” is given to a child when the mother’s first and second born dies, but the third is born healthy.  I live with my two sisters and brother, who are not able to attend school, and my aunt and seven cousins.

I am happy to have the chance to go to school.  I especially enjoy Mbuya College because the teachers are good and the children can express their talents.  My talent is singing and I am part of the singing and dance club at school.  Going to school also provides me with discipline and respect, although I do not like waking up early.

I have many dreams.  I want to travel to America, Germany and Kenya.  By traveling you learn about the world and people.  But first, I must finish my studies and then find the job I am meant to do. Then once I make money, I can help people who are poor.  And I can help my aunt who struggles too much.

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