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Auma JulianaAUMA JULIANA, 65

Auma Juliana’s parents died young and her elder brother raised her. At that time, education was not readily available. They were farmers, as were most in their home in South Sudan. It was there that she met and married her husband. In 1980, Juliana and her husband were caught in the crossfire of the war.

As they fled the violence with their four children in tow, she became separated from her husband. Caught in rebel fire, she was shot and her left arm was badly damaged. She awoke in the hospital and her husband was missing. For years she held out hope that he would be found, but that hope never materialized.

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Fleeing the violence, Juliana relocated to Kampala’s Acholi Quarter with her children, who have now multiplied to include 11 grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Like most grandmothers, she wishes the best for her family and is concerned for their welfare when she is no longer able to contribute financially.

Two of her children perished in different quarry accidents, and she knows that at 65 she is getting too old to continue to work in the quarry.  The work is back breaking, but it is all she knows.  However, she does own a small “plot” within the quarry.  She is seeking a loan so that she can hire laborers to do the excessive manual work required to crush the stones, providing her with an income without having to do all of the work herself.


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