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Ayugi Betty is the youngest of eight.  Her father died when she was an infant, so receiving an education was out of the question.  Originally from Gulu, she met her husband in 1983 and “chose” him because “he’s one in a million.”  During the height of the war, they relocated to the Acholi Quarter to raise their family of seven children.  As the children have grown, her husband returned to Gulu to work as a farmer, while Betty has stayed in the Acholi Quarter rolling paper beads into beautiful jewelry as an additional income source for the family.

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Betty also has five grandchildren, three of whom live with her.  Having never had the opportunity to attend school, she is adamant that all of her children, including her daughters, gain a full education.  To ensure this is possible, Betty has become quite the entrepreneur.

Her first business foray began when her husband would send her produce he grows in the North for her to resell in Kampala.  With her modest profits, she invested in a business selling second hand clothes.  Between her industriousness and her husband’s hard work, they now own a small commercial property in Gulu which they rent to someone to manage as a bar and restaurant.

Three years ago, Betty saved enough money from making paper bead jewelry to buy a pool table which she placed in the bar that they rent out in Gulu, where customers have to pay to play.   However, it is now getting worn and Betty needs money to resurface the table.  She also would like to expand her business selling second hand clothes and produce, which have both been successful enterprises.



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