Coffee Shop Participation

Project Have Hope, a local nonprofit which empowers Ugandan women to achieve economic independence, is sponsoring the #IHaveHope social media campaign to spread the message and power of hope. More than #900StoriesOfHope will be curated and shared on social media and the website. We invite you to participate by hosting an interactive #IHaveHope display in your business.

There are a number of opportunities available depending on your available space. We will provide you with a stack of postcards where customers can share their “I Have Hope because ….” story. How you choose to display them depends on what best suits you. Some ideas are listed below. We are also happy to work with you to create the best fit for you.

  1. We can offer a simple container where customers can add their completed postcards.
  2. We can provide various height, collapsible stands that can be displayed on tables, counters or the floor, where customers can add their brightly colored postcard stories with clothespins.
  3. We can provide twine and clothespins that can be hung vertically or horizontally from windows where completed postcards can be easily added with clothespins.

Project Have Hope strives to remind the world of the universal power of hope to bring people together and effect positive change individually and collectively. We hope you will join us!

For more info, contact us at:
(339) 206-4626

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