Hope Cures Fundraisers

Hope Cures is Project Have Hope's collection of twelve vibrant cancer awareness bracelets, as well as HIV/AIDS and heart disease awareness bracelets. A dollar from each purchased is donated to the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF) to support impoverished children suffering with cancer.

Project Have Hope chose to partner with UCCF according to needs in our Ugandan community. We are eager to also partner with local/national cancer related organizations in the US. Both individuals and organizations can sell Hope Cures bracelets and keep $1 per bracelet sold for fundraising purposes.

Our artisans are Ugandan women who have been displaced from their homes due to Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army. Share their beautiful, hand crafted jewelry with your friends, family and community. They'll love the colorful bracelets and will feel good knowing that their purchase empowers women and supports individuals facing cancer. Double your impact with this unique fundraiser.

HIV/AIDS and heart disease related organizations are also invited to fundraise with Hope Cures through the sale of the corresponding awareness bracelets. A dollar from each purchase will be donated to the fundraising organization in addition to the dollar donated to UCCF.

It's easy to get started. Get ready to make a difference and raise money!


  1. If you're a cancer, HIV/AIDS or heart disease related organization looking to raise funds or an individual raising money for such an organization, complete the application today.

Hope Cures Fundraiser Application - click here to download.

  1. We will contact you to confirm the details of your sale and answer any questions.
  2. We'll send you promotional materials and the bracelets to sell. No need to take orders.
  3. The money you earn for your fundraiser is based on how much you sell. For every Hope Cures bracelet sold, you keep one dollar.


If you have specific color requests, please indicate that on your application.

Hope Cures bracelets are available in the following colors: 


View the bracelets by visiting our online store here.


Tips on planning your sales:

Utilize your resources!

Set up a table in a space that gets a lot of traffic flow in your community, especially during meetings or events.

Could you host a jewelry party at your house, dorm, workplace or place of worship?

Ready to go the extra mile? Look for local festivals, farmers markets or craft fairs to participate in.

Are you a member of any other groups or clubs? Look to other groups or organizations you are a member of to aid in your bead-selling pursuits. They might allow you to sell at a meeting or event, or they could be willing to help you publicize your event by sending out an email or posting flyers.

Are there any holidays coming up? Give your sale a theme!