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Opio ColineOPIO COLINE, 48

Opio Coline grew up in Northern Uganda.  She was only able to study through Primary 7, which is still more than many women of her generation. Her parents could not afford to send all of their children to secondary school, so her brothers got first priority.

Coline met her husband, a pastor and a part-time carpenter, in the North and then followed him to the Acholi Quarter where he was offered a good job.  Happier and more successful than many in the Acholi Quarter, she says the secret to a happy marriage is “in everything, join hands together.” They have been married for 27 years and have 8 children.  They both recognize that education is paramount and make whatever sacrifices are needed to insure their children receive the best education possible.  Miriam, her eldest daughter, teaches Economics.  She contributes part of her salary to help pay the school fees for her younger siblings.  One of Coline’s sons is currently studying at a local hospital to become a doctor. One of her daughters enrolled in the university to become a communications engineer.

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In 2006, Project Have Hope provided a grant to enable Coline to pursue vocational training to become a hairdresser.  Upon her graduation, PHH provided her with an interest-free loan to establish a small salon in the front of her home.  She finds being a business owner very satisfying. The monetary rewards are worth the added responsibility. She especially likes not depending on an employer to pay her.

A true entrepreneur, Coline is seeking a loan to purchase a refrigerator so she can offer her customers cold drinks while they wait.

She has also become very aware of the ebb and flow of business.  During January, customers are few.  As a secondary income, Coline wishes to purchase a grinding machine so that she can grind peanuts and simson, local food stuffs, for customers.  As she becomes more adept at the business, she will expand to buy her own peanuts and simson and sell the finished product.


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