Wakiyo Irene

I am 14 years old and the youngest in my family. I have 3 older brothers. My father died when I was young. My mother is HIV positive and readily acknowledges it. She works with other people in the community, teaching them how to stay healthy and the importance of taking their medicines. As a single mother, she works very hard to provide for the family. Although she is healthy today, she knows that one day she may not be there for us and takes great pride in planning for our future well-being. I am very proud of my mom.

I enjoy going to school because it will help me reach my goals and it is where I will succeed from. My favorite subject is biology because I have a good teacher and I enjoy learning about classification.  I am part of the debate club and the games and sports club.

My dream is to find work where I can help people and visit other countries.  I hope to teach others about a clean environment and how to prevent diseases.  I do not wish to have a family.  I would like to move to Entebbe where my uncle and cousins live and the air is clean and fresh.

Co-sponsor Irene's tuition for $240 per year, just $20 per month. Or, as a full sponsor, $480 per year will cover Irene's tuition at St. Mary’s Secondary School.