Women Sponsorship | Adee Dorine


Adee Dorine studied in school until Primary 6 when her father died of tuberculosis. With no money to pay her school fees, Dorine went to work in the fields in northern Uganda.

In 1996, Dorine followed her husband to Kampala and found work in the stone quarry. She’d toil each day, breaking larger rocks into small pieces to be used in the foundation for homes and other construction. In 2005, Dorine’s husband left her for another, leaving her as the sole provider for their three children. He later passed away from a liver condition.




After struggling in the stone quarry for nearly 25 years, Dorine used money she earned making paper bead jewelry to set up a small business selling charcoal from her home front. Charcoal is a necessity in the Acholi Quarter where it is used as the main heating source for their small stoves. Dorine earns almost the same income selling charcoal as what she earned battling the quarry conditions.

With greater capital, she can buy charcoal in bulk and increase her profits.