Women Sponsorship | Adong Rose


For twenty years, Adong Rose labored in the stone quarry. For nine hours each day, six days a week, resting only Sundays when Rose would pray, she would take a hand-fashioned hammer and pound large rocks until they fell apart into smaller pieces. She would earn less than $2 a day. Day after day, month after month, year after year, Rose labored to support her family.

Rose’s husband, a soldier, was killed during an ambush in the civil war in Northern Uganda. A widow with six children, Rose struggles to provide for her family.

As a child, Rose studied until primary three. When her father was killed, there was no one to pay her school fees, so she joined her mother working in the fields.

Desperate that her children would have a better life than her own, Rose worked tirelessly in the Quarter until March 2020 when she was diagnosis with tuberculosis. Unable to continue the grind required in the quarry, Rose invested about $6 of her little savings to set up a small stall selling dried silver fish and vegetables in the main stage of the Acholi Quarter.

In order to buy in bulk and earn a higher profit, Rose needs more capital to invest into her fledgling business.