Women Sponsorship | Ocaya Margaret



Ocaya Margaret exemplifies resourcefulness.  As a child, she left school in primary six when her father abandoned the family for another woman.  Her mother was unable to pay the school fees for Margaret and her seven siblings. 

Margaret first moved from northern Uganda to Kampala with her husband.  While she was pregnant with their fourth child, she garnered the strength to leave her philandering husband.  She moved into her brother’s home in the Acholi Quarter.  Unable to find any work, she started working in the harrowing conditions of the stone quarry.  In time, she learned the craft of making paper beads and is an accomplished Project Have Hope artisan.





As a single mother, Margaret needed to find ways to supplement her income, so she started buying cassava and frying it to sell to customers.  Her home is near a busy intersection in the Quarter ensuring her easy access to hungry customers.  Finding success in her first entrepreneurial venture, Margaret decided to start a second one.  She purchases a traditional Acholi alcoholic drink made from grinding fresh cassava from Northern Uganda and sells it near her home.  She has found the second business to be even more profitable than the first.

With additional capital, Margaret would like to purchase greater quantities of the alcohol so she can negotiate a better price and save money and the transport to bring it from the north to Kampala.