January 29, 2018


Agriculture in the Acholi Quarter

 Project Have Hope improves the agricultural condition in Uganda with the help of local women. We focus on three aspects of agriculture and implementing new elements into local community: the balcony gardens, the greenhouse, and the mushroom house. We do not only create new opportunities in agriculture, but also bring employment opportunities to local families and improve environment.

Project Have Hope cooperated with Uganda Rural Development to organize local women to work on balcony gardens. This project interconnects the locals and anyone who wants to contribute, since any donation of 25 dollars could build a new garden. The main greens we plant include spinach, onions, sukumawiki (a green similar to cabbage), and occasionally, carrots, nakati (a cross between a tomato and an eggplant), dodo (also known as amaranth), and okra. Each female worker is trained before coming to the farm and earns an income of approximately US$17 per week afterwards. In addition, fresh vegetables are provided and kids can help occasionally. It is a very beneficial program for locals as it increases employment and regular green food is guaranteed.

 We also work on greenhouse farming as we encourage local women to make full use of this new agriculture technique. We work with Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme. The greenhouses are significant in Uganda rural areas, as land and space are better used in an enclosed greenhouse. Thus, locals would be able to grow a large crop of tomatoes in a more efficient way. The popularity of this program is increasing, since we are attracting more professionals to help the locals.

Mushroom houses were introduced in the year of 2008. PHH do not only provide profession training for local women, but also financial support to buy the seeds and help with the constructions. Mushroom houses also show PHH and local women’s persistence and determination to overcome obstacles: in 2012, mushroom houses sustained damage because of extreme weather; however, PHH offered some financial assistance to fix the constructions, and gathered contribution that were from other donors.

Project Have Hope’s beneficial work and projects with local Ugandan women to improve their financial situations and food supply prove our determination to bring a brighter future for Uganda. We will continue our work and look forward to any kind of support and contributions from the rest of world.



Karen Sparacio
Karen Sparacio


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