Fundraising Opportunities - Help Families in Uganda

Project Have Hope offers opportunities for groups, such as school clubs, non-profit organizations, hospitals, sororities and religious organizations, to fundraise while making a difference in the lives of the families we work with in Uganda.

Sell Project Have Hope products made by our members in Uganda and up to 40% of sales will go to your organization! See the breakdown below for details. You can also use the profits to sponsor a child's school fees! You can see the children awaiting school sponsorship here.

Our artisans are Ugandan women who have been displaced from their homes due to Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army. Share their beautiful, hand crafted jewelry with your friends, family and community. They'll love the colorful pieces and will feel good knowing that their purchase empowers women and supports families as they rebuild their lives. Double your impact with this unique fundraiser.

It's easy to get started:

1. If you're a school or a non-profit organization looking to raise funds, complete the application today.

Fundraiser Application - click here to download.

2. We will contact you to confirm the details of your sale.

3. We'll send you promotional materials and the jewelry to sell. No need to take orders.

4. The percent of money you earn for your fundraiser is based on how much you sell. We encourage all fundraisers to set a minimum goal of $500.

If you sell up to $249, you earn 20% of all sales.

Sell $250 to $549, you earn 25%.

Sell $550 to $999, you earn 30%.

Sell $1000 or more, you earn 40%.