Be Someone's Hero ~ Sponsor a Child

Project Have Hope supports education for children in Uganda through our scholastic sponsorship program. Learn how you can sponsor a child and give hope to the next generation.

Listed below are the profiles of children awaiting sponsorship. We understand that sponsoring a child’s education is a significant financial commitment, and the annual contribution may be out of reach for many. This is why Project Have Hope has introduced the Co-Sponsorship Program. You can now choose to sponsor a part of a child’s tuition. You may want to ask your friends and family members to become a co-sponsor with you, or Project Have Hope will find another co-sponsor. We hope this gives more people the opportunity to give the gift of an education to a child in Uganda. If you are interested in sponsoring a child's full tuition, please contact us and we'll be happy to set it up.

As a co-sponsor, you are still able to develop a personal connection with your sponsored child. You will receive regular progress reports, letters, or drawings from your sponsored child. Please read on to learn more about the children awaiting sponsorship.