July 11, 2017


Hope is that snuggly teddy bear...

Hope is what sustains us. Hope fuels us. Hope unites us. Hope is universal.

I founded Project Have Hope in 2006 because I was inspired by the abundance of hope demonstrated by women who had faced horrific circumstances, but were undeterred, were hopeful.  Each of us faces our own set of challenges, but it is hope that inspires us to persevere, to be our best selves and live our best lives.  #IHaveHope because I know anything is possible if we refuse to give up.

I believe that by leveraging the power of hope, we can move mountains. Okay, so maybe we can’t actually MOVE mountains, but we can surely climb them! Hope makes the impossible, possible. Hope encourages us to dream. But not just dream, but to attempt what we most desire. To identify a goal and work tirelessly to see to its fruition.

We each have faced a trying circumstance in our life when we weren’t sure if the outcome would be favorable. In that moment of darkness, hope gave us light. Hope gave us strength. My desire in creating the #IHaveHope #900StoriesOfHope campaign is to authenticate the power of hope. To allow each of us to dare to be empowered by the awesomeness of the simplicity of remaining hopeful in all times, even in those dark moments that cloud the sun and make us think rainbows are apparitions.

I encourage each of you to look within and find that glitter, that nugget, that sustains you – that’s hope – and share that through our campaign. Rise up and be heard. Let the world know that hope can withstand anything. Hope creates positive change. Hope unites us. Hope is that snuggly teddy bear you’ve had since your youth, that you still snuggle up to when the thunder roars and the lightening frightens.

Join me in sharing your #IHaveHope story to our #900StoriesOfHope.

It’s easy to participate.

  1. Take a photo or video holding an #IHaveHope sign
  2. Share why you have hope
  3. Turn your post settings to public
  4. Post to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #900StoriesOfHope and #IHaveHope and tag @ProjectHaveHope
  5. Your story may be highlighted on the projecthavehope.org website


Thank you for taking part and sharing your message of hope.

Karen Sparacio
Karen Sparacio


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