October 10, 2017


Meet Dorcus

 Meet Dorcus, a friendly young woman with a warm smile that brings light to all those around her. Durcus currently attends Mbuya College day school, and says she enjoys her time there because of the caring and friendly teachers who always encourage student engagement. Her favorite subjects are photography and literature, and she hopes to one day use these passions to become a television news reporter. Right now, she lives with her grandmother and nine cousins. In order to pursue her education, Dorcus moved away from her three siblings, who live in the village and do not attend school.

In her break time, Dorcus loves to read, attend school parties, and participate in Music-Dance-Drama competitions with her school team. A social butterfly, Dorcus has spends time with friends from many tribes such as Acholi, Gulu, Kitgum, Banda. Her and her best friend Paula enjoy revising school work together and playing netball (a mix of basketball and handball).

When discussing the rest of her life, Dorcus told us, “I’d like to have a better future”. In her eyes, that better future involves her having a successful career as a news reporter, and moving back to the Acholi Quarter to good build houses for herself and others. She also dreams of traveling to the USA, Germany, and Italy, because their citizens are always helping other people, just as she would like to do. The opportunity to attend school make all these goals much more attainable for Dorcus, as education has already improved her living status, helped her make new friends, and will continue to open doors of opportunity for her.

Though Dorcus thoroughly enjoys attending school and works very hard toward her goals, her path to a, “better future” is not always an easy one. She often struggles with not having the finances for school requirements, causing delays in her schooling. When her family does not have food, her and her cousin Brenda will spend their time making paper bead jewelry in order to support them.

When asked what she hopes for, Dorcus responded, “I want to help those who don’t have”. This generous spirit, along with a warm smile and an outstanding work ethic, make Project Have Hope proud to support such a driven, passionate, and caring woman in pursuit of her dreams.




Karen Sparacio
Karen Sparacio


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