Women Sponsorship | Aber Judith

Judith grew up in Northern Uganda.  She studied in school until primary four when her father died and it became too difficult for her mother to pay her school fees.  At the young age of 16, Judith married.  Her husband was a soldier for the rebels.   She escaped when she became pregnant and returned home.  She never heard from her husband again.

With the war still raging in the North, and now a mother of two, there was little Judith could do.  Her sister had already relocated to the Acholi Quarter, so Judith followed her, along with her children.  Judith began working in the stone quarry alongside her sister. 

When the paper bead market exploded, Judith eagerly and adeptly mastered the art.  She continues to support herself by making and selling jewelry at the Friday craft market.  Unlike some women who hire others to roll or string the beads, Judith prefers to do all of the work herself so she can earn more money.

In addition to her work making beads, she owns land in the North and is growing maize.  She hopes to relocate to the North and open a shop selling produce.  She will sell the maize she grows and buy local produce from nearby farmers.

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