Women Sponsorship | Adoch Jennifer

Jennifer is determined to build an unlimited future for herself and her three children.  Her studies were interrupted when she became pregnant and then gave birth to her first child at just 17.  But with fearless determination, she returned to school.  Now, a single mother of three, she receives no help from the children’s fathers, yet she is determined to make sure all three children study and have the same opportunities as children with two working parents.

In addition to being an indispensable part of the PHH leadership team and a talented artisan, Jennifer has established a bustling business of preparing and selling roasted groundnuts, simsim and soya.  She purchases simsim and groundnuts from Kampala and soya from the North.  Each morning, she wakes early and cooks the produce and prepares them in small packets which she sells throughout the day.  With greater capital, Jennifer would like to buy all the produce in bulk from the North so she can multiply her profits.

Jennifer hopes to use profits from the business to construct a house which she can rent so she can earn more money to guarantee the school fees for her children.

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