Akwera Brenda

I am 15 years old and live with my grandmother, eight cousins, sister and two brothers.  My father died of HIV and my mother unexpectedly died after giving birth to my youngest sister.  Since there is not enough money for food, my sister and I will roll paper beads to make money and share it with our family.

Math and English are my favorite subjects.  I like to write stories that are based on orphans.  My teachers teach well and are caring, friendly and loving.  Going to school makes you a good citizen and you can surround yourself with good people.  It also gives me access to books to read.  I hope one day to live in America because the people are wealthy.  Maybe I could even go to university if I lived there.  But I would still return to Uganda so that I could bring gifts to my friends and family and toys for the children.

Co-sponsor Brenda's tuition for $240 per year, just $20 per month. Or, as a full sponsor, $480 per year will cover Brenda's tuition at Elgon Primary School.