Women Sponsorship | Amony Florence

Abducted by rebels at 10, Florence is one of the many examples of the strength and the resiliency of Acholi women.

Florence was born and raised in Northern Uganda during the height of the civil war.  When she was in primary four, at just ten years old, she was abducted by the rebels and held captive for three years.  At 13, she was released because she was pregnant and was no longer useful to the rebels.  After her release, she moved to the Acholi Quarter in Kampala where it was safer, to live with her uncle.  As a young mother with little education, she
supported herself by working in the stone quarry.  There, she met her husband.  Together, they have five children.

In 2018, Florence found work as a cook for a nearby primary school.  She works there from Monday through Friday each week.  On the weekend, she joins her son and together, they continue to labor in the stone quarry.  Her husband now works as a construction laborer. 

They have saved enough money to buy land in Gulu in the north where Florence’s siblings live.  She hopes to build a home on the land so in her older years she can retire among family.

Florence is seeking capital to expand her work in the stone quarry.  With more money, she could hire workers and increase daily production.

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