Women Sponsorship | Ayoo Florence

Florence moved to the Acholi Quarter with her husband in
1994 because the war had made living in Northern Uganda too dangerous.  Together, they had seven children.  In 2021, her husband died, leaving her alone to care for the children.

Florence has a small business selling vegetables and basic
food stuffs, like simsim, posho and millet flour (staples in the Acholi diet) from a small shop in the Acholi Quarter. She hopes to expand her offerings by including household items like
cooking oil and soap.

Additionally, Florence sells paper bead jewelry at the Friday market.  She also has a small plot of land in the north where she farms simsim, millet and soya beans.

In the future, she hopes to build a home in the north and
relocate there, establishing a shop as a means to support her.

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