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Become a Child Sponsor

Our scholastic sponsorship program gives hope to the next generation.

As a sponsor, you can develop a personal connection with your sponsored child. You will receive regular progress reports, letters, or drawings from your sponsored child.  Sponsor a child's education.  Become a sponsor today.


Ugandan Woman Business

Sponsor a Female Entrepreneur

Project Have Hope supports vocational training and microfinance enterprises for women in Uganda to enable them to achieve economic independence through sustainable business initiatives. You can sponsor an entrepreneur and propel her to financial security. Become a sponsor today.


Ugandan child drinking a cup of porridge

Breakfast Program

Get your hot porridge here!  Each morning, children flock to our community center with empty plastic mug in hand, waiting for it to be filled with porridge.
We feed 500 children each morning. 

Make a donation and receive a colorful photo gift card.⁠ Donate now


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