Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to receive the fundraiser kit?

A. There is no cost to receive the kit. Project Have Hope covers the costs of shipping the package to you and the return shipping of any unsold items.

Q. How does the financial process work?
A. Once you have completed sales, deposit the money into a checking account. Write a check to “Project Have Hope” for the appropriate percentage of your sales (between 60-80%) based on the total amount of all sales.

If you sell up $249, you earn 20%, and send back 80%

Sell $250 to $549, you earn 25%, and send back 75%

Sell $550 to $999, you earn 30%, and send back 70%

Sell $1000 or more, you earn 40%, and send back 60%

Include the check or money order in the return package. Keep the remaining 20-40% of funds for your cause or group.

Q. How long will it take for my jewelry package to ship?

A. Your kit will ship within 5 days of receiving your application or one week in advance of a specified date.

Q. How much does the jewelry sell for?

A. The jewelry sells for between $5 and $20. If you have special requests of items you would like included, or specific price points, please let us know in the application and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q. What is in the jewelry package?

A. The jewelry package will contain a variety of our products – bracelets, earrings and necklaces. It will also include informational cards to be given to every customer and other promotional materials on Project Have Hope.

Project Have Hope wants to make your fundraiser a success. We can provide you with sample templates for announcements and press releases that your group can circulate within your community and to local newspapers.

Q. Why do people choose to fundraise with Project Have Hope?

A. Our fundraisers share in our mission and are passionate about making a difference. They know they can maximize their impact while enjoying beautiful handmade products. Here’s what some of our partners have to say:

Q. Is it successful?

A. Like all fundraisers, selling Project Have Hope jewelry requires planning and enthusiasm, but knowing that your efforts are impacting the world is energizing. Fundraisers say:

Click here to download the General Fundraiser Application.

Click here to download the Non-Profit Fundraiser Application.