#IHaveHope Campaign Continues

In July 2017, Project Have Hope launched the #IHaveHope campaign to demonstrate the universality of hope that ties us all together and has the power to create powerful, positive change.

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As the campaign continues, we invite you to participate in a number of ways.

As an Individual

Got Hope? Got 30 sec? Add the #IHaveHope banner to your profile pic by following the twibbon link.

Got lots of hope and 45 sec? Share the banner with your friends! 

Got so much hope you’re willing to commit a few minutes?

    #IHaveHope Campaign Photo

    1) Take a photo of you holding up an, wearing PHH jewelry, or doing something that brings you hope. Post the photo and caption it with your story of hope using the hashtags #IHaveHope and #900StoriesofHope.

    2) Make a video of you verbally sharing why you have hope and post it on your social media and tag Project Have Hope.

    3) Encourage your friends to join you and help us spread hope around the world!

      As a small business

      Want to support our cause and share powerful stories of hope? Email us and request our storytelling postcards (see above picture), and we will send you a stack. Leave them out by the cash register and encourage customers to fill out the back with their story of hope. Use the postcards to decorate your business space and fill your shop with hope while spreading the Project Have Hope mission!

      As a parent/teacher

      Looking for a way to bring the endless hope of children on board?

      We have ideas for all age groups!

      Ages 0-7: Ask the children to draw a photo of something that gives them hope. This will give them the chance to learn what hope means (if they don’t already) and to exercise their creative streak. Take a photo of their art and tag us in it on social media. We love to see young, hope-filled art!
      Ages 7-12: Send us a request for our special Project Have Hope postcards and we will send some to you! Have the kids write a few simple sentences on the back about why they have hope. Take a photo and tag us on social media, or send us the postcard back!
      Ages 12-18: Project Have Hope is always looking for new bloggers. Have the children write a short story about why they have hope, and email it to us to be considered for a featured blog on our website!

      As a college student

      Looking for a way to bring some #Hope to your college campus?

      As a residents assistant …

      Is your supervisor always getting on you to come up with new events that will keep your residents engaged?

      Call your residents together and hold a jewelry party in tandem with an #IHaveHope gathering! Not up for an event? Use our #IHaveHope campaign to decorate your bulletin board. We will send you #IHaveHope postcards for your residents to fill out, and then hang them on the bulletin board to decorate your floor with beautiful stories of hope!

      As a student leader …

      Are you a student with an activist spirit who wants to bring Project Have Hope’s campaign to your campus?

      • Book a table outside the dining hall and have your fellow students fill out postcards of hope to decorate the campus.  Host a jewelry party simultaneously and double your impact.
      • Try hosting an #IHaveHope booth at an activities fair, or create an interactive art wall on campus for students to record their letters of hope.