Women Sponsorship | Labuk Doreen

Doreen was born in the northern village of Padibe.  She had three sisters and 3 brothers.  None of the girls were sent to school.  Instead, they worked in the home and the fields alongside their mother.  She helped to plant cotton and to make the local alcohol which they would sell.

Like many young adults, she met her husband at a local dance.  At just 16, she married, which was not uncommon.  Her husband worked as a security guard and they had 12 children.  In 2002, he died.  Doreen believes he was poisoned.  With so many children to care for, she moved to the Acholi Quarter where her in-laws were living.  They helped her to build a home in the Quarter.

Making paper beads is Doreen’s main source of income to support her large brood.  Between children and grandchildren, there are 22 living under one roof.  She also has two rooms that she has built which she rents.

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