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Layet Christine


As a young girl, Christine faced many challenges.  She never attended school; there just wasn’t enough money.  Even if there had been money, it’s unlikely she could have risked walking to and from school each day.  During the days of her childhood, rebels overtook the land in Northern Uganda.  They abducted young boys to be soldiers and young girls to be “wives.”  As a young girl, Christine witnessed the torture and the vulgarity of war.

In 1994, she and her husband sought refuge in the Acholi Quarter.  They have been married for 31 years and have four children.  He works as a carpenter, when there is work to be had.  Christine makes paper bead jewelry and has taught her daughters the craft.  She also makes the local alcohol, a craft she learned from her mother. 

Sponsor Layet Christine

Christine hopes her children can achieve the education she was unable to receive.  She also dreams of returning to the North where life is simpler.  She wants to build a home and return to the gardens where she used to grow the family’s food as a child.

In the mean time, Christine would like to utilize her connections in the North to purchase large quantities of millet, a staple grain used in the Acholi diet. She will then sell the millet to customers in the Acholi Quarter. Additionally, millet is a key ingredient in a local alcoholic beverage. She already has a small business making this drink for local customers. By purchasing millet in large quantities, she will be able to increase her profits.


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