Oling Innocent

I am 16 years old and live with my mother and sister.  I love school because it is the place where we go to learn.  My favorite class is science because we learn about sanitation.  I believe the environment must be clean.  When I come home from school, I can often be found cleaning the compound with my best friend, Jared.

I struggle with math, but I look to my friends to help me when I don’t understand something.  My teachers are also patient and will help when I need extra help.  I live in Kampala now, but when I finish my studies, I hope to return to my village in the North, Kitgum.  There is plentiful work in Kitgum and my grandmother lives there.  I enjoy spending time with her and growing crops together.  If we have a garden, we will always have food.

Co-sponsor Innocent's tuition in Secondary School for $240 per year, just $20 per month.