Women Sponsorship | Aketch Judith

Born in South Sudan and raised in Northern Uganda, Judith did not attend school as a child.  Instead, she worked alongside her mother in the fields and tending to the family’s needs of cooking and cleaning.  At the age of 18, she met and married a soldier.  Together, they had three children.  While he stayed in the North to fight the rebels, and was ultimately shot and killed, Judith relocated to the safety of Kampala where her brother-in-law lived.  Unfortunately, all three children died of malaria while still very young. 

Judith later married another man and stayed with him for five years.  They had two children.  However, disappointed that he was lazy and unwilling to work, she left him and found her way to where her uncle lived, to start a new life.  She met a fellow Acholi woman who showed her the business of making a local alcohol.  Judith started to earn some money.  One of her customers told her about the stone quarry in the Acholi Quarter, so Judith relocated again and began laboring in the quarry where she worked for 15 years.

In time, she saved enough money to start a small business of selling greens, leaves that are consumed as part of Ugandans local diet.  Each morning she travels to a large market to buy the greens, then returns to the Acholi Quarter where she goes door to door selling them.  This business is mostly limited to the wet season since during the dry season and can be difficult to find the produce and the prices are steep.

During the dry season, Judith began collected empty plastic bottles to resell to recycling companies.  Although the work is steady, it can be challenging because of the distances she must travel on foot and the busy roads she needs to cross.

Judith hopes to earn enough money to expand her vegetable business by purchasing a larger variety of greens to increase her sales.  In time, she’d like to build a home in her village in the North and relocate to where other family members live.

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