Women Sponsorship | Akwera Santa

Santa was born in Northern Uganda and studied until primary seven when she was forced to abandon her education because of the escalating civil war. Several years later, she married and they had six children. Sadly, two died at birth and a third died at just six months. Because of the dangers of war, the family moved to the Acholi Quarter.

Widowed in 2002, Santa has struggled to raise her three remaining children. An industrious and skilled artisan, she markets her wares at the Friday market. She is also a skilled tailor and would like to purchase a sewing machine so she can also make clothes and develop another source of income.

A true entrepreneur, Santa also operates a large bar in the Quarter where she sells soda, beer and a local alcohol. The bar also boasts a pool table and a television. Her daughter, Agnes, helps her manage the business.

Santa hopes to save enough money to build a small home in the North so she can return to the village of her family.

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