Women Sponsorship | Amono Nighty

Born in Northern Uganda, Nighty studied until primary five when her mother could no longer afford the fees.  At 18, she met and married her husband and they moved to the Acholi Quarter where he was already working.  Together they have four children.

The paper bead jewelry business began to boom and Nighty easily found work as a talented and prolific artisan.  As the markets grew smaller, Nighty sought additional income.  She started a small business selling mangoes from February through August, and coconuts from September to January.  She sells them along the busy Kampala streets.  Without having her own storefront, she risks fines from the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).  Also, the competition is great so her profits are small.

Ideally, Nighty hopes to start a boda business.  Bodas are motorbike taxis that are a key means of transport in Kampala and the nearby towns.  Although the upfront cost is expensive, about $1500, the profits are high.  Within the first year, she could easily earn $1000.  Within a couple of years, she’d have enough money to start building a home in the North.

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