Lawot (Traveler) Glass Bead Necklace

$ 25.00

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Calling all adventurers.  Journey to new places and explore the world of possibilities.  Immerse yourself in creativity and expect the impossible to prevail.  Our Lawot necklace inspires you to write your own story.  Unique as each of us and the world around us, each novel bead tells a hidden story.

Mixed bead necklace using recycled glass, cow horn and bone, clay, amber and stone beads. Approximately 19 inches in length. A matching bracelet is available.

Meet Dorine

Dorine’s education ended in primary four when her parents
separated.  Her father was unable to pay school fees for her or her siblings.  Unlike her father, Dorine’s industriousness
has enabled her to provide for her eight children.

In addition to crafting our Lawot (Traveler) Collection of jewelry, Dorine has also completed vocational training in a knitting program and supplements her income from training others and occasionally making orders of sweaters for schools for their uniform requirement.

Dorine is also the best chapati maker in the Acholi Quarter, or at least in our opinion. She has established her business on the busy main thoroughfare of the Quarter where she prepares fresh chapati each morning.