Women Sponsorship | FAQ

What is unique about Project Have Hope's approach to Women Sponsorship?

Project Have Hope takes a holistic view of the women and children it empowers. It also strives to enable the women to be independent economically, offering them diverse and appropriate revenue generating opportunities. Most importantly, Project Have Hope has built trust with the Acholi Quarter community. This trust, nurtured by a long-term commitment to work with the Acholi Quarter community to leverage assets, skills, and resources, is crucial for the ongoing development and refining of successful programs and services.

How does the Women Sponsorship program work?

Eligible women are selected to participate in the Women's Sponsorship program. As a sponsor, you select the individual (or individuals) you wish to sponsor. For each woman you sponsor, you will receive quarterly progress updates: new investments, business development changes, and photos.

 Can I communicate with the woman I am sponsoring?

Yes, by email or postal mail to our US based office.

How are the women in Acholi selected for this Women Sponsorship program?

Interested entrepreneurs must complete a loan application.  Applications are reviewed by the PHH panel and accepted applications are then interviewed by the panel for final determination of acceptance.

Can I discontinue my sponsorship before the year ends?

Although we discourage cancelling your sponsorship mid-way through the year, as it disrupts the woman's business plan, you are free to discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

Can I pay by check?

If you would prefer to pay by check, you can do so by sending a check to:

Project Have Hope
PO Box 602
Malden, MA 02148

How do I give the gift of sponsorship to a friend or family member?

Once you sign up to sponsor a woman, simply email us with the details of the gift recipient and we will send them the welcome packet and the quarterly notifications with a personalized gift card.

Can I meet the woman I sponsor?

If you are traveling to Kampala, we are happy to help facilitate a personal introduction.


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